The extra virgin olive oil of the Asopos groves is a product which is produced from the “KORONEIKI” & “ATHINOLIA” variety. After a “rest” period of at least two months in stainless steel tanks the two varieties are mixed to give an unbelievably delicate flavor. Having always a low acidity of under <0.4%, is ranked among the best EVOO. Available in packages of: 250ml – 500ml – 750ml – 1lt – 3lt – 5lt.

Varieties of OLIVES

KORONEIKI: Originates from the Southern Peloponnese. Its name derives from the Greek word “corona”, which means crown and it reminds us of the royals. The maturation begins in early November and ends in late December. This olive oil is the finest of all varieties with wonderful strong aroma and a spicy flavor.

ATHINOLIA : It is known for its intense aroma and fruity character that gives to the oil produced. It matures early, giving healthy fruit, low acidity olive oil and high in antioxidants. It has the highest indicators in content of total polyphenols.