The history of the company starts by four young olive oil producers from the same family roots. Having as ally the land of their ancestors, they decided to continue the long tradition of olive cultivation. This way they will highlight the «golden liquid» of the region, which was for many generations the basic survival commodity.Their love for the extra virgin olive oil and their quest to find the highest quality olive oil, led to the foundation of the family business named ASOPOS GROVES. With respect to the people, we ensure quality throughout the production line,from the field to bottling.To achieve the desired quality we implement the AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 integrated production management system for the proper use of fertilizers and pesticides, while the bottling is done according to the international recognized standards of ISO 22000 & IFS FOOD.

History of Asopos


The extra virgin olive oil «ASOPOS», the natural juice of the olive tree fruit, is produced exclusively by the «Athinolia» and «Koroneiki» varieties, which are cultivated solely in Asopos groves in the municipality of Monemvasia in certified and controlled arable land. This product constitutes a Protected Geographical Indication product of Lakonia «PGI Lakonia». The olives are collected and processed by the Agricultural Cooperation of Asopos and the Olive oil formulated in exceptional conditions as it is confirmed by the quality certificates that accompany our products.



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